Women, in their nature, love to be unique. Just like they want to have special clothing and hairstyles, it is crucial for a woman to have an engagement ring that shouts out her style, reflects her taste, and makes her feel like the ring was specially made for her. Getting the engagement ring of your dreams isn’t that difficult if you follow some guidelines. But before knowing how to get the right engagement ring for you, you probably need to check our article about the best types of diamonds in terms of quality.

Table of Contents :

  • How do I know what engagement ring is right for me?
  • What diamond shape is right for me?
  • What metal color is the best for my skin tone?
  • Which finger do rings look best on?

1- How Do I Know What Engagement Ring is Right for Me?

To get the right ring, you need to view and examine a lot of rings. Whether your shopping online or visiting diamond shops make sure you check a lot of options; this way will get you familiar with the most common engagement rings styles:

  • Traditional and ElegantA classic solitaire ring is what best resembles this style. It is a timeless option that highlights the central diamond to make it the center of attention. Most of solitaire rings have one central diamond placed on a plain metal band, and they are considered the most popular style of engagement rings. You can also get a three-stone solitaire ring; it is a popular traditional choice.
  • Stylish and OutgoingIf you want to shine with glamour, choose a ring band that is surrounded by small paved diamonds holding the diamond higher for extra sparkle. Halo engagement rings are also very suitable for outgoing personalities; these rings have a frame of diamonds circling the central stone, which makes it look larger.
  • Nature Lovers and Outdoor PeopleAre you a person who enjoys being out in nature and loves the scenery found out there? If yes, get a ring that has natural elements carved on it, such as flowers, leaves, and vines; this would be the ideal choice for you. An active woman needs a ring with extra protection, consider a ring that holds the diamond lower and nearer to the band. The band should also surround the diamond up until its girdle; this is the best way to keep your diamond fixed in place.
  • Romantic and VintageIf you are a passionate woman who adores vintage styles, you should get a ring that has milgrain details with so many beads and handmade artistry designs.
  • Contemporary and ModernDo you have an interest in modern, fashionable styles? Try to get a sculptural ring, i.e., a ring carved with contemporary designs. These rings are way too far from being traditional; you will definitely fall in love with them. If you are unsure about your taste and style in terms of diamonds, there are many online quizzes that you can take to figure out what you love and answer a few questions to discover what suits you.

2- What Diamond Shape is Right for Me?

Every woman has distinguished finger shapes that are different in length and width. Choosing the diamond that would suit and beautify your fingers depends on their look.

Diamonds Shapes for Short Fingers: 

If your hands are petite, go for one of the following options:

  • Pick an oval cut instead of a round one. The longer shape of oval cuts will draw attention to the fingertips, which will make them seem longer.
  • A marquise cut, which looks like an eye, has the same effect on short fingers, too. It would make them appear longer.
  • Pear-shaped rings would also look beautiful on short fingers. They look like a teardrop; if you wear the narrow end of the diamond towards the fingertip, it will look longer and slimmer.

Diamond Shapes for Long Fingers:

You are lucky if you have long fingers. All fashion styles look great on tall supermodels. This is also the case for your fingers; most diamond styles would suit them perfectly. You only need to have the right balance. For example:

  • A round-cut diamond or a wide-band ring are perfect options for you.
  • You can mix the options to customize your ring. If you have already settled for an elongated diamond, consider a halo style and add a frame of small diamonds around the central one.
  • An Asscher-cut diamond -which was created by the Asscher Brothers, the founders of the Royal Asscher Diamond Company- is an excellent option of a square-shaped, octagonal diamond with layered facets. The cropped corners are ideal for long fingers.
  • Princess-cut engagement rings, or any rectangular or square-shaped diamond rings would also look great.
  • If you are looking for an elegant, intense, and vintage style, opt for a cushion cut diamond of soft and round corners.
  • The last option would be the trendiest; consider wearing multiple rings together, e.g., eternity rings next to your engagement ring.

Diamond Shapes for Wide/ Fat Fingers:

You need a diamond shape that creates balance and makes your fingers appear longer and thinner:

  • You can get a large-shaped diamond with high carat weight and wide bands because your fingers have a large surface area.
  • Avoid petite stones. If you insist on small sizes, combine three stones together; this way, it will suit your fingers shape better.
  • Rectangular, elongated emerald-cut diamonds can make your fingers look taller and thinner.
  • Try on round, Asscher, and marquise diamonds; they might look good.
  • Be careful when you choose your ring band, pick a narrow one. If you prefer to get a wide band, make sure it narrows down at the sides of the diamond.

3- What Metal Color is The Best for My Skin Tone?

Choosing an engagement ring metal that flatters your hands is as important as selecting a diamond shape that suits them. Each skin tone has a suitable metal that would look perfect on it. If you are not so sure about your skin tone, you can consult a foundation specialist in any beauty and cosmetics store.

In general, platinum or white gold suit cool skin tones, while yellow gold suits warm skin tones. Rose gold is very trendy nowadays, and it is perfect on most skin tones.

If you want to combine your central diamond with other colored gemstones, there are many options available:

  • For cool skin tones, pick gems in blues, purples, and greens. Check the turquoise and aquamarine diamonds; they would look charming.
  • For warm skin tones, choose gemstones of earth colors, they are the ideal choice for you. Yellow and brown diamonds or rubies would be astonishing.

4- Which Finger Do Rings Look Best on?

We have a finger called the “ring finger” for a reason! Whether it is an engagement ring or a wedding band, wear it on your left ring finger. People believe that a vein from the heart travels through this finger; thus, this finger has an emotional effect, so try to keep your ring around it. However, some women prefer to wear their engagement or wedding rings on the right ring finger, either because it is more comfortable or because they like it more that way. Traditionally, the left ring finger is the one you should wear your engagement or wedding ring around, but you can break the rules sometimes.

Take your time when you choose the most symbolic piece of jewelry you will ever have. Read about what suits you, search, and try on a hundred rings. You might customize the ring as well. Whatever you do, make sure your engagement ring tells your story; this way, you will love your diamond companion for good.

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