About Us

Maha Al Sibai

Born in Damascus, the city of love, jasmine, poetry, and stories, Maha Al Sibai developed an early-refined sense of beauty. She studied computer science, yet her urge to create led her to a different way, and she chose to become a jewellery designer. Inspired by her study, her home city, the many cultures she got in touch with, and her love for art, she excelled in the field as she made breathtaking pieces that combine creativity and new techniques. Her jewels spread from Dubai, the city where she has started her store and currently resides worldwide

Trophies and Certificates

Driven by her passion and inspired by nature, places, people, culture, and personal experiences, Maha Al Sibai’s works of art reflect her individuality and capture the vibes of her surroundings. With innovation and creativity in her DNA, the artist and jewellery designer has marked every stage of her career with sparkle and success; and her art received recognition and much praise worldwide.

Story of the brand

20 Years of Telling Beautiful Jewellery Tales The year 2000 witnessed the birth of a shining star in the world of jewellery design as it marked the beginning of Maha Al Sibai’s career as a jewellery artist, to be the first in her family to enter this domain. Maha’s experience as a visual artist has added to the originality and charm of her work, as every piece tells a story celebrating art, talent, and beauty.

Winning first place in a competition held by the World Gold Council in 2001 was a turning point in her career as she has become recognized in the world of jewellery design, and she has won many awards since then.

In 2007, she launched her first art pieces under the name: The Royal Collection. 2012 witnessed the opening of her store in Dubai, where art takes the shape of magnificent jewellery pieces made with passion, using nature’s precious gifts of gemstones and metals and mixing traditional techniques with high-end technologies.

Inspired by the beautiful Damascus, she launched her “Damascene Jasmine” collection in 2017, recalling an old tradition engraved in the city’s memory. Girls used to adorn their hair with jasmines and wear them as bracelets and necklaces, and Maha brilliantly revived this tradition with this collection.

In 2018, she started the “Female of Light” collection in cooperation with the artist Najat Makki, whom she got inspiration from her paintings, changing each into a jewel that reflects a different side of the females’ life in our society.

2020 was a year of outstanding accomplishments. Maha launched the second generation of the “Damascene Jasmine” collection and named it “Jasmine Story” to continue her fairytale of nostalgia and love. In that same year, she became an exclusive representative of Gismondi 1754, a great Italian brand that presented wonderful designs for the royal families in Europe and the world, and a jury member at the HRD Antwerp International Jewellery Design Competition., Still her tale goes on…

The unique style and designs paved the way for Maha Al Sibai to obtain a fast-growing name among jewellery designers. Her passion about redefining glamour and art is apparent through the timeless pieces of jewellery that weave together nature, love, and beauty.

We believe that beauty is an essential divine gift and that jewellery is a celebration of that gift. We also believe that jewellery has 3 core ingredients, Storied Art, Precious Elements and Living Light. As jewellery is history, geography and geology and does not age or go stale like fashion; it is timeless. Fabulously, jewellery empowers people, elevates their self-worth and confidence; so it is the union of humanity and Earth. Undoubtedly, the gift of jewellery has no substitute, since it embodies love and sacrifice. Having faith that a rare moment of love or pride can only be matched by the rarity of precious stones and metals within jewellery.