An engagement ring is undoubtedly the most precious piece in every woman’s jewelry box, even if she has more expensive jewels. Just like she will take a vow in her wedding to spend the rest of her life with her partner, any woman will take a similar path to her ring, too, as she will wear it around her finger forever. Whether you are a couple shopping for the ring together, or you are a man planning secretly to make a great proposal, keep the following in mind. Choose a timeless engagement ring if you want both of you to stay in love with it when you celebrate your 40th anniversary! A timeless engagement ring means a classic, vintage, and traditional ring that will never go out of style. It will always seem trendy and will charm you years from now like it did when you first laid an eye on it.

Table of Contents:

  • What is the most traditional engagement ring?
  • Will Halo engagement rings go out of style?
  • Are solitaire engagement rings boring?
  • What’s the difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring?

1- What Are the Most Traditional Engagement Rings?

Traditional engagement rings are the timeless ones that will always stay in style and never lose their modern glamour; you could also pass them down to generations. Here is a guide to help you choose a traditional engagement ring according to your preferences and personal style. The traditional style of a ring depends on:

  • The diamond cut.
  • The band style.
  • The ring style.
  • The band metal.

The Diamond Cut :Various stone cuts are available in the jewelry design world; some are trendy; others are classical, vintage, and able to overcome the test of time.

The top 3 timeless stone cuts:

  • Round cut: 75% of all the diamonds sold throughout history are round-shaped. It is the most classic cut ever made. Round diamonds have about 60 facets; this is more than the facets number of any other cut type, which makes it the most sparkling, too.
  • Cushion cut: Also referred to as “Pillow cut” it is another timeless option that combines the round cut with the classic old-mine facet pattern.
  • Princess cut: This shape of diamonds has about 49 facets; it is distinguished by its unique square shape, which differentiates it from the other rounded-edges types.
  • Oval cut: This diamond cut is a variation of the timeless round cut. The sales of oval-cut diamonds have increased gradually over the past few years. Oval cut is ideal for women who want the classic style of the round cut, but also want something a little more unique.

The Band Style :

  • Plain Bands It is the most classic because it is made of pure metal with no additions on the sides, which will make the center diamond receive all the attention. Plain bands can be thin or thick, based on the design you have in mind; both choices are 100% traditional and classic.
  • Bands with Pave Diamonds These rings are fully covered with small diamonds set very close to each other. Consequently, it is charming for people who desire extra sparkle and shine. A pave diamond engagement ring can fit any style and any cut of diamonds. The result will be a stunning engagement ring that sparkles from all angles. If you love luxurious styles and you have a high budget, don’t settle for only one diamond while you can have a full row. The only negative point about these rings is that they are difficult to resize in the future. The diamonds all around the ring make it hard to solder the ring band.
  • Split and Twisted Shank Bands These rings are more like two bands in one. The two bands are either set beside each other or twisted together. Considering one of those styles will take your engagement ring to a whole new level of classical modernity.

The Ring Style:

  • Solitaire Engagement Rings Solitaire rings are the most iconic and classic style of engagement rings. A solitaire setting suits all diamond shapes; it would make a perfect ring band for the round, oval, and princess cuts. You can put any shape of diamonds on a solitaire ring, and it would look perfect. The ring would hold the diamond with its prong. Consider having a 4-prong ring because it will allow the diamond to be seen clearly, it will be the center of attention that is charming to look at from any angle. A 6-prong ring is also a great choice. Keep in mind that choosing a solitaire ring will be a safe decision. Solitaire existed for ages; it is still trendy now, and it will always be.
  • Halo Engagement Rings The second most classical style you can get is a halo engagement ring. The halo design consists of a center diamond that is surrounded by many smaller paved diamonds. It is called halo because it represents the halo that surrounds an angel. The surrounding stones highlight the centerpiece and make it appear more significant. The halo style looks great on a plain ring or a ring that is covered with small paved diamonds. They match perfectly with round and princess cuts. However, cushion and oval cuts would look beautiful, too. If you are confused between choosing a traditional engagement ring and a modern one, pick a halo ring; it combines both styles. Ladies who love vintage styles are attracted to halo rings.
  • Three-Stone Engagement Rings Three-stone engagement rings are fascinating, but this is not what’s unique about them. They have this lovely symbolic meaning; the three stones resemble the past, present, and future of your relationship. The traditional three-stone ring has a large center diamond and two smaller ones located at the sides. Having this style of rings will triple the brilliance and sparkle of a one-diamond ring. Concerning the diamonds cut, a princess cut is the most suitable for this style because it forms a beautiful symmetry. You can mix and match colored gemstones and put them at the sides of the center diamond, too. Sapphires are perfect for adding a modern touch to your traditional engagement ring. The three-stone rings are what a sensitive and sentimental woman deserves because they hold a spiritual story she will keep in her heart forever, not to mention how glamorous they are and that they give you tripled-sparkle.

The Band Metal:

The metal is the central part of your engagement ring and its fundamental structure; this is why you need to choose a metal that will last long. The most common engagement ring metals ranked from the most timeless to the least:

  • Yellow gold.
  • White gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Rose gold.

2- Will Halo Engagement Rings Go Out of Style?

A lot of people are fascinated by halo engagement rings, but there is that myth, which is making them reconsider their options. Some people believe that halo engagement rings are only a trend that will go out of style at some point. To prove that this is a false belief, and to encourage you into buying that halo ring you’re in love with, let’s have a look back to its history. Halo rings first appeared in the 1920s, and today, they are more popular than ever. They are a hundred years old, and they never lost their traditional style, so don’t be overwhelmed if you are considering halo rings.

3- Are Solitaire Engagement Rings Boring?

Here is another myth that makes some people miss such a precious ring option. The reason behind this belief is that most solitaire rings are iconic, simple, plain, with only one regular diamond. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can customize any solitaire ring to make it look stunning by choosing the options we previously mentioned in this article. To turn a simple solitaire ring into an exciting piece, do one or more of the following:

  • Choose a fancy classic diamond cut.
  • Pick unique design details.
  • Change the ring’s prong orientation.
  • Add a colored gemstone.
  • Add side stones.

Do you still think that solitaire rings must be boring?!

4- What’s the Difference Between a Wedding Ring and an Engagement Ring?

Traditional engagement rings usually have one dominant diamond. It could stand alone, or other smaller stones might surround it. An engagement ring is an essential part of your lifetime proposal; it resembles the early stage of an engagement. Wedding rings are mostly plain metal rings that have a certain thickness. It could also have an encrusted diamond within. Wedding rings are exchanged at the wedding ceremony, and the couple wears them from that day on. There is a difference in price between engagement and wedding rings. Wedding rings are less expensive because they are made of a metal band, even if you include an inlaid diamond or gemstone, their carat weight is a lot less than those of an engagement ring. Traditionally, women wear both the engagement and wedding ring together in the same finger, keeping the wedding band inside. Another option is to wear the engagement ring in your right hand and the wedding band on the left side. However, it is totally fine if you prefer to wear just one ring to reflect your marital status. Here are a few reasons why some brides prefer to wear only one:

  • It is more comfortable and practical; it won’t bother you while performing everyday activities.
  • It is one less ring to worry about losing; it could happen to any of us.
  • Some couples prefer to invest their budget on one extremely luxurious ring instead of two average bands.
  • You won’t waste time on matching both rings; it is an exhausting process to find two rings that fit together.

Fascinatingly, it is essential to understand that having a timeless, classical engagement ring doesn’t mean that you can’t customize it to reflect your personality, i.e., your style. There are hundreds of options you can come up with according to your style, and it would still be the timeless ring that can accompany you to eternity.

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