At Maha Al Sibai Jewellery, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary, we present new special offers for all our customers and followers.

Price level Guarantee:

At Maha Al Sibai Jewellery, we trust in the types of diamonds and gemstones we offer and craft them with gold. Therefore, and as part of our commitment to provide quality, we offer our customers the feature of a price guarantee for diamonds and gemstones crafted on our art pieces.
“When you buy any piece of art from Maha Al Sibai Jewellery, you will receive a (certificate) card indicating the type and size of all the precious stones with the price at the date of purchase, with a money-back guarantee, in case you want to replace the piece later from Maha Al Sibai Store.”

Terms of Guarantee:

  1. Regular jewellery inspection is required.
    The warranty requires the client to return with the jewellery either annually or semi-annually so the item can be inspected for the security of the gems and the overall wear condition of the piece.
    We will tighten any loose stones or make minor adjustments to the jewellery at this time at no charge to the customer. Skipping the inspection generally voids the warranty. The renewal of the warranty depends on the inspection of the piece. 
  2.  The paperwork showing the inspection was made is required.
    Clients will be given a form that has a space for the jeweller to sign off the completion of the action, the date, and the performer of the inspection. Customers are expected to keep the form in a secure area of the home as the document is usually needed for any warranty work to be done at no charge.
  3. Normal wear and abusive wear are not covered.
    This warranty does not include any problem that is caused by normal wear and tear, improper use, misuse, or physical damage such as scratches, falls, crushing, or cracks.
  4. Defects in craftsmanship or materials are covered.
    This warranty covers only defects in material and workmanship found in the product under normal use.
    Customers can return the items for a remake or refund for a mere shipping charge if it’s indeed defective.
  5. Repairs done by any party other than our store voids the warranty.
    We will not cover work done on our jewellery by someone else. Customers will need to have any repairs or alterations done in our jewellery store.
  6. Diamond trade-in for diamond and gold for gold on in-house items at Maha Al Sibai Jewellery.
  7. Lifetime cleaning and maintenance at an approved jeweller’s location is included in the warranty. It may also be for a set period of time.
  8. Exchange policy for refunds within the prescribed time period.
  • No deduction will be made within the first month of the purchasing date.
  • One month after the purchasing date, the exchange will be made by deducting 30% of the original purchasing price.